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Donations to the EAT LOCAL ONE YEAR project can be made by clicking the Donate button:

or by sending a check or money order to:
407 Del Norte Road
Ojai, CA 93023

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100 Mile Radius Around Ojai
Guidelines for Locavore Lite 2010 & Eal Local One Year 2009


Official Ground Rules for Participation in Locavore Lite 2010
1)    commit to this year-long project for which participation begins on January 1, 2010, or at the latest by April 1, 2010, and ends on January 1, 2011,
2)    give some consideration to where your non-local foods come from,
3)    shop at a farmers’ market a minimum of one time per month, or receive produce from a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at least once a month – if it is not possible to shop at a farmers’ market or receive produce from a CSA each calendar month of the year, then the participant will shop at a farmers’ market or receive CSA produce a minimum of 12 times within the calendar year,
4)    eat at least 1 all-local-food meal every 4 months during 2010 (Jan-April, May-Aug, and Sept-Dec)

Ground Rule Explanations
1)    a parent may make the commitment for participation for a minor,
2)    all-local-food meals can be easily accomplished by participating in an all-local-food potluck, or purchasing an all-local-food meal at a restaurant such as Main Course California -
3)    if an individual is not able to sign up to participate at the beginning of 2010, and if she/he is unable to shop at a farmers’ market or receive a CSA order in any of the first 3 months of the year, she he may make up the missed month in a subsequent month – the total trips to a farmers’ market or CSA orders received must be at least 12 for the calendar year.


EVERYONE can participate in Eat Local One Year 2009 at some level!

General participation simply involves an appreciation of the importance of increasing our production and consumption of local food, and an interest in turning that appreciation into some acts, big or small, that support local food. These acts need not be daily nor consistent. As far as we are concerned, if you consciously grow or purchase one piece of local food in 2009, you are a general participant in our project. And, of course, you can do much more if you want; like eating locally one day a week, or hosting an all-local meal for your family, friends or community.

Core participation requires the following:

Note: Project registration as a Core Participant has closed. You may still sign up to participate at your own level.

  • A) Join the core by midnight, December 31st, 2008 by calling Kris or Joanne Young
  • B) Live in Ventura County
  • C) Follow these ground rules:


  • 1) The rules apply for the entire year of 2009
  • 2) Eat only food grown or raised within 100 miles of one’s home
  • 3) A maximum of 3 food exceptions from outside the 100 miles can be eaten at any time
  • 4) The 3 food exceptions may be changed, but only once each calendar month
  • 5) Salt may come from farther than 100 miles
  • 6) 2 meals a month, eat whatever you want
  • 7) Medications and vitamins are exempt
  • 8) When out of town overnight, these ground rules do not apply
  • 9) Keep written record of your exceptions, changes of exceptions, 2 meal exceptions, and time out of town



Please return to the “Participation Form” window, select your level of participation, complete and submit the form. If you will be a general participant, please note that you will select based on where you live. If "core" participation looks like something you want to do, please also call Kris or Joanne at 640-7629.